Team Trask Racing

Bob trask in cockpit
Bob trask racing in Abu Dhabi
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The Trask name is a racing pedigree, with Grant’s father racing since 1987.

Bob Trask commenced his racing career with smaller outboard race boats but burst on to the Australian scene in 1987 with his self-designed and built, timber F1 tunnel hull in the Australian F1 series.    Bob was bitten by the racing bug and set about assembling a professional F1 race team intent to become the best.

While the fastest hulls of the day were Seebold, Hodges and Burgess designs, Bob Trask figured that you can’t beat them if you join them.   In 2001 he moved away from his timber hulls and produced his first all-composite GTR race hull.  Buoyed by the success of his new race boat in Australia, Bob Trask headed to Singapore in 2003 to race against the best in the world.

Bob’s younger brother David had been crewing on the Bob Trask Racing team from 1987 and he wanted to join the F1 ranks as a driver.    David began racing with a composite GTR hull in 2002.

While Bob and David Trask successfully raced a two-boat team on the Australian F1 circuit, their sights were firmly set on the world stage.  The family business, Trask Development Corporation, backed the race team.

At its height, Bob Trask had a race team of twelve people on the payroll and had an R & D program as good as anything in the world.   Trask Brothers Racing, built their own composite hulls, had their own engine development program, an in-house machine shop, an in-house electrical development department and a rigorous on-water test regime.  Testing was conducted mid-week, every week and away from prying eyes.

Over their career, Bob and David Trask had fun and by their own measure were successful.  The record sheets show that David performed slightly better with a third placing in China and pole position in France in 2007… in all five podium finishes and multiple Australian F1 championships.   Bob had a fifth in both China and Sharjah plus numerous Australian championships to his name.

Racing F1 brings with it risks and accidents, with both Bob and David being featured on the highlights reel for their big smashes.    Bob Trask featured in a double boat, side by side blow over with Guido Cappelini in 2004.  David had a monumental accident in Qatar while chasing down third position.  David Trask managed to flip, roll, spin all in the one accident which lasted an eternity… and survived with nothing more than deep bruising.

After 5 years on the world circuit, Bob and David Trask decided to take a break.    The Global Financial Crisis had arrived and the brothers decided to concentrate on their family business.

Bob Trask in racing Gear
Bob Trask at Quatar with Falcon