Grant Trask F1

Grant Trask entered the sport of powerboat racing in the F3 class on the Australian circuit in 2005.   In his first race, Grant blew his boat over backwards, an ignanamous start to his racing career.

From this point, though, his skill as a race driver knew no bounds.  He stepped up to SST 120 in 2007 and 2008 then went up to F1 in 2009.  He was Australian F3 champion in 2006, the F2 champion in 2007 and 2008.   Grant took a break for a few years but came back into the sport in 2012 racing in the OptiMax class.

Watching the hard charging Trask wheel his way around the race circuit at break neck speeds, few spectators would realise that this is achieved by a young man with a disability.   As young five-year old boy, Grant was run over by a truck and as a result, lost his right leg above the knee.  When racing, Grant removed his prosthetic leg, before being strapped into the cockpit.

While Grant Trask makes light of his misfortune, Bob Trask is immensely proud of his son’s achievement in such a physically demanding sport.

Despite his disability, it has been a wonderful career full of highlights and victories in Australia.

Grant Trask Studio photo
Grant trask at Photo shoop on bow of F1 powerboat
Bob and Grant Trask posing for F1 powerboats