The engine of choice with the F1 Atlantic Team and Grant Trask Racing is the Mercury 2.5 litre 2-stroke race engine.  This is a V6 cylinder block which has an EFI controlled induction system.

All race crews are provided with a “control” EFI for each event to ensure that engine RPMs are limited to 9,650 rpm.  These engines burn burns 100LL  Avgas at a rate of 120 liters (32 gallons) per hour, generating over 400 HP at 9,650.

A race engine is split into three sections…. The powerhead (the engine itself), the mid-section which bolts to the transom of the F1 race hull and contains trim and steering and the lower unit which transfers the vertical drive shaft from the engine, the horizontal prop shaft.

All F1 engines use Mercury Speedmaster lower units, a direct drive gearcase.  These slim line gearcases are hydrodynamic and need to absorb the power of 400hp for a 50 lap race.  The Speedmaster 6 is available in two ratios 14:15 and 15:17

Race Motor – Mercury OptiMax


Grant Trask has been a leading proponent of the Mercury OptiMax engine for the Australian series.   The OptiMax is basically a stock engine which produces slightly more than 200hp. Good power, low cost and high reliability ensures that racing is close and competitive.